What We Offer

UP AdCore prides itself in being a student-run advertising agency that translates client strategies to communication materials which connect and influence its intended audience. The organization ensures the delivery of high-caliber designs and audio-visual productions catering to different forms of media.

Our Past Clients

The organization’s professional portfolio

Despite being a young organization, AdCore has been able to work with the following clients in its projects both within and outside the university:

Coca-Cola Globe Greenwich Glaxo Smith Kline Jansport Johnson & Lotte Omni Nokia Ovi Procter & Gamble Rexona Samsung Unilab Unilever Viber Zalora Sky Bundles Beep Carefree Close Up Potato Corner


One of UP AdCore’s most esteemed projects is Teenspeak, an annual university-wide idea generation competition in partnership with a corporate client. It seeks to test the creativity of students in the University in coming up with innovative solutions that directly cater to the partner brand’s target market. Past Teenspeak events have made significant contributions to companies such as Proctor and Gamble, Greenwich, Rexona, Globe, and Coca-Cola

Design solutions

We provide clean-cut solutions to your creative needs

Brand activation

We cater to marketing demands that require innovative ideas